We Invent
Terrifying Charity
Haunted Houses


We provide everything your charity needs to run a successful haunted house as a fund-raiser.  You can provide as much or as little as you want.  We don't keep any of the money, so the more you help us, the more money you'll make. 


Here are the things we do provide:

- Full safety plans in accordance with your local ordinances

- Walk-through with your local fire marshall

- Full event planning

- Site setup

- Site cleanup

- Actors, costumes and makeup

- Props

- Lighting and sound


Here are things we can provide or work with you on providing:

- An event site

- Insurance

- Local Sponsors

- Advertising

If we have to provide these and can't get sponsors to cover any costs, then the costs will have to come out of the proceeds.  Our service is provided at no cost.